English Editions

3 to 4 times a year, an english version of VERKEHR is published. Especially for international fairs and congresses or as a special interest report.

The international weekly magazine VERKEHR reports on transport, logistics, transport policy and business, freight forwarding, shipping (trade and industry) and management.

We provide an information and knowledge platform for everyone working in the transport and logistics sector. We specialise in freight transport by road, rail, water and air.
In recent decades, the international weekly magazine VERKEHR has built up a strong network of readers from the worlds of business, politics and science.
Thanks to carefully targeted alliances with events in the sector (trade fairs, conferences, etc.) – and by organising events ourselves – we have been able to continually expand our network while at the same time delivering maximum added value to our readers.

Readership structure:

First and second management levels and professionals working in transport, shipping and logistics companies, the public sector, associations and special interest groups, universities, universities of applied sciences and secondary vocational schools.

Current partnerships with events and organisations including

  • ADVANTAGE Austria
  • AustrianStartups
  • BVL – Austrian Logistics Association
    (Bundesvereinigung Logistik)
  • FGL – Forum Green Logistics
  • Austrian Retail Association
    (Handelsverband Österreich)
  • LogiMAT, Messe Stuttgart
  • TransportLogistic, Messe München International
  • VNL – Association for Network Logistics
    (Verein Netzwerk Logistik)

Print circulation and publication interval:

10,000 copies, weekly, Fridays Basic circulation 9,300 copies (audited by ÖAK (Austrian Circulation Survey), Jan – Jun 2017), plus special supplements

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